A World's Eye View december 1-10, 2006
Photo of an Eye

Golden Oosik Award Winners

Journey from the Fall - Best Feature

Hi, Hello and Begleiter - Best Short (shared)

Past Imperfect - Best Super Short

First Flight - Best Animation

In the Shadow of the Palms - Best Documentary

The Unfit - Best Short Documentary

Turned - Best Snow Dance

Brockett 99 - Rockin the Country - Special Recognition Award: Excellence in documentary filmmaking that provokes constructive social dialogue.


We hope you had a great festival this year. We could not have done it without an army of volunteers and a few draftees. Well done.

Kudos also to the filmmakers, the festival cast and crew, and our generous sponsors. Thanks for supporting the festival.

We'll be Back!

Keep checking out the website in 2007. We plan to have monthly (or almost monthly) events as a lead up to next year's festival.