Anchorage International Film Festival


The 2008 AIFF offers a big wild ride through animation, with submissions from around the world. With this year’s animation selections ranging from the sublime to the erotic and from super short to feature length, animation isn’t just for kids. Come jump on board and hold on tight for some of the best animation you’ll see anywhere.

Teresa Scott & Fran Kelly,

Co-Directors AIFF Animation


Parents are strongly cautioned that with the exception of our "Kid Friendly" program and "The Magistical" that  most animated films are not suitable for pre-teenagers.



Sunday, December 7 at 8:30 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre

Mature adult audiences, 13-17 w/adult / no children under 12

Teat Beat of Sex: Episodes 8-11

Italy & USA • 7 min.

By Signe Baumane

A young girl, Cynthia, experiences her first kiss, first make out session, first jealousy and first sex. It takes years to get to sex. She isn’t sure what she is supposed to feel, but is intrigued to continue exploring.

High Hopes

High Hopes

USA• 4 min.

By Steve Hofstetter

Join standup comedian Steve Hofstetter as he explores America’s hypocrisy about drugs and terrorism. With music by Palmer’s Medic and animation by Dillon McCarthy, High Hopes is a
hilariously dark journey into what we fear the most: truth.

Robot Dreaming

USA • 10 min.

By Rory Magnus

Robot experiments on man to find out what makes a human a human. This film probes ideas
of consciousness, artificial intelligence and the post-human age.

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening.


USA • 2 min.• In Competition

By Mike Stern

An office worker’s job is made extremely difficult because of his boss’s taste in music.


Teat Beat of Sex: Episodes 1-3

Italy & USA • 4 min.

By Signe Baumane

Entertaining and informative short lectures by a knowing woman. “Kirby” addresses size; “Juice”
is the contradiction of man’s dream world and woman’s reality; “Trouble” happens deep inside
a woman if she hasn’t had sex for weeks.

Queer Duck: The Movie

USA • 72 min.

By Mike Reiss

From Emmy-winning “Simpsons” writer Mike Reiss comes this feature-length animated musical
about the gay animals Queer Duck, Openly Gator and Bi Polar Bear.


Wednesday, December 10 at 5:30 PM - Anchorage Museum

Saturday, December 13 at 12:30 PM - Anchorage Museum


USA • 5 min. • In Competition

By Erick Oh

The topic of this abstractedly crafted animation applies to anything that struggles to be free. It can be a phenomenon occurring deep within the mind, or an individual confronting the standardized masses.


USA • 2 min.• In Competition

By Mike Stern

An office worker’s job is made extremely difficult because of his boss’s taste in music.

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screenings.

Mock ‘n Boyd

Canada • 4 min. In Competition

By Chris Dainty & Rita Street

Boyd was living the good life until Mock came along. Boyd’s new cage-mate is out to shake his tail feathers like they’ve never been shaken before.

A Flat in B Minor

Canada • 3 min.

By Scott Fiander

The rhythm of an orchestrated tango lays the foundation for this animated short about the changing of a flat on the other side of the universe.


USA  • 11 min.

By Jackie Smessaert Brennan

A struggling beatnik goes to robotic extremes to break into the art scene in this retro-style, jazzdriven
animated short.

Yellow Sticky Notes

Canada • 6 min. In Competition

By Jeff Chiba Stearns

Twenty three hundred drawings on 4x6 inch yellow sticky notes with a black ink pen, Yellow Sticky Notes is a small internal reflection on one’s role as an artist manifests into a discussion about major political and environmental crises.

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening on Saturday, December 13

The Cramer Collection

USA • 3 min.

By Jason Doll

A classically animated user guide for the “Cramer Collection” set in a 1930’s cartoon office as the staff struggle to plan a meeting.

Lost in Snow

Latvia• 8 min.

By Vladimir Leschiov

In winter some people go ice fishing and as the excitement is intensified by freezing temperatures and strong drinks, unpredictable consequences follow.

Like Me, Only Better

UK • 5 min.

By Martin Pickles

A laconic comedy about Neuroses, Catholicism and Prozac.

24 Frames

USA • 19 min.

By Brad Pattullo

A stop-motion animated black comedy mockumentary, about the making of a stop-motion animated film at an art college in the Southern United States.

Sebastian ’s Voodoo

USA • 4 min. In Competition

By Joaquin Baldwin

A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening.

The Strange Hunger

7 min.  USA

by Sean Pecknold  

Theodore, the lonely fisherman, becomes a hero when the sounds of distant screaming in the cold North Sea urge him out to unknown dangers in this fairy tale based on Norwegian stories.

Madame Tutli-Putli

Canada• 18 min. Special Selection

Filmmakers Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski

The National Film Board of Canada presents a stunning, stop-motion animated film that takes the viewer on an exhilarating existential journey. The film introduces groundbreaking visual techniques and is supported by a haunting and original score. Painstaking care and craftsmanship in form and detail bring to life a fully imagined, tactile world unlike any you have seen. Jungian thriller? Hitchcockian suspense? Artistic tour de force? The night train awaits you.


Sunday, December 7 at 5:30 PM - Anchorage Museum

Love Sport

UK • 25 min.
By Grant Orchard with Studio aka

A series of very short films filled with color, action, rivalry, excitement and all that encompasses the
wonderful world of sports using moving geometric shapes, sound and amazing movement.


Canada • 2 min. • In Competition

By Brian Sinasac

Ready for his base jump, Dan, perched high above the desert floor, leaps into the open sky. Malfunctioning equipment means doom for our daredevil, who can only be saved by the use of his head.


Australia • 9 min.

By Andrew Goode

Feeling lonely and bored, a young tetra fish just wants some attention. Attracted by the manic antics
of a gang of older fish who spend hours inventing new extreme sports, she begins a quest to gain their acceptance.

Susitna Story

Alaska • 4 min. - Snowdance selection

By Peter Dunlap-Shohl

Accompanied by narration that is reminiscent of Robert Service meets The Charlie Daniels Band,
a plucky musher must defend Alaska pride and her soul when she is challenged to a sled dog
race by Satan.

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening

Pac (hyderm) Attack!

USA• 5 min.

By Kristian Perry

A true story, this is the harrowing and hilarious account of an encounter between a family on safari and elephants on the plains of Tanzania.

The Misadventures of Moon Kitty
USA • 12 min.

By DeWayne Austin
Follow the antics of the musical cat that lives on the moon as she frolics through space, nurtures her baby, entertains her fellow lunar loonies and escapes a meteor shower induced by a stampede of dangerous dinosaurs!

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening.

Reza Dolatabadi


UK• 5 min.

By Reza Dolatabadi

Khoda is a psychological thriller of a man trapped in his aging body created from more than 6000 paintings that were painstakingly produced during a two year period to create a five minute film that would meet the filmmaker’s high personal standards.

Chicken Cowboy

USA • 7 min.

By Stephen Neary

Shelly the Chicken Cowboy wasn’t looking for a fight, but he found one. Can he face his fears and stand up for himself?

Red Princess Blues

USA • 8 min.

By Alex Ferrari

We meet the “princess” as a 12 year old girl who finds herself in a strange country looking for her father. After she is taken in by Nino, who claims to be her father’s friend. There, she discovers the “Book of Violence” and begins her journey that one day will lead to vengeance.

Operation: Fish

USA • 11 min. In Competition

By Jeff Riley

After a series of mysterious goldfish abductions, a secret agent is dispatched with a time displacement gun to bring the criminals behind the “fishnappings” to justice, and possibly save the world!


Saturday, December 6 at 4:00 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre ($5)

Timothy and the Great Robotic Invaders from Outer Space
USA • 13 min.

By Tamarind King

When Timothy discovers hostile alien signals on a homemade radio, it’s up to him to stop the impending doom. The film is a loving tribute to 50’s sci-fi.


Germany • 13 min.

By Leszek Plichta

Once, long ago, the Dreammaker made the most beautiful dreams for people. Now he lives a solitary existence for only one purpose, the creation of a special dream, his dream.

Plain & Simple

USA • 30 min.

By Merrin Marra

This is a story about a plain penguin who is threatened with removal from a zoo run by money-grubbing capitalists because he does not generate enough interest to guarantee profits.


UK• 24 min.

By Marc Craste with Studio aka

In the face of overwhelming urbanization, indifference and recklessness, a small creature struggles to preserve a remnant of the peace he once knew and with his selfless acts of love plant the seeds of change that will prove the salvation of his world.


The Magistical

USA • 90 min

Produced by Out of Our Mind Studios

A beautifully produced animated adventure film for the entire family. In order to protect and preserve all precious life, The Magistical creates a spell which grants immortality to the last remaining of every
type of creature. A powerful and evil Draken sees an opportunity to use the spell to further her ambitions to rule the world. In darkness and shadow, she begins killing all of the other Drakens in hopes of becoming the last, so she can rule as she pleases, without fear of death. Soon there is only one last obstacle to her evil ambitions, a helpness baby draken cub named Knot. An excellent selection for the entire family.

Sunday, December 14 at 1:00 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre

Camille Ezzell, the texture artist on "The Magistical" will be attending the screening.

Queer Duck: The Movie

USA • 72 min.

By Mike Reiss

From Emmy-winning “Simpsons” writer Mike Reiss comes this feature-length animated musical
about the gay animals Queer Duck, Openly Gator and Bi Polar Bear.

Sunday, December 7 at 8:30 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre

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