Anchorage International Film Festival


Adults Only (18+) Mixed Media

Friday, December 12 at 10:10 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre

It’s not S&M, but be warned! It isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s
a titillating, heart throbbing, mix of hilarious, and some not so funny, sexually
romantic short and animation films. Great fun with or without a date.

No Regrets No Remorse

Australia • 7 min. • Super short

Directed by Marty Moynihan

Live life to the fullest and sing along while you're doing it.

Teat Beat of Sex: Episodes 1-3

Italy & USA • 4 min.

By Signe Baumane

Entertaining and informative short lectures by a knowing woman. “Kirby” addresses size; “Juice”
is the contradiction of man’s dream world and woman’s reality; “Trouble” happens deep inside
a woman if she hasn't had sex for weeks.

Come Back Sweet Heart

USA - 7 min.

By Chang-Pei Wu

The filmmaker Chang-Pei Wu states, “My art work is always about the search for an answer
in my life. By creating this animation, I’d like to explore the meaning of give and take between
the people I love and me.”


Thailand - 5 min. • Super short

By Visra Vichit-Vadakan

A young woman chases after the man in her fantasies through skyscraper-lined New York City streets and a serene tall grass meadow.

Boyfriend Latte

8 min - Canada . • Super short

Directed by Mark Sanders

A sassy young female executive has a deep desire for a boyfriend who will be honest and true and faithful and passionate and new and exciting and deep and affectionate and funny and smart and caring and sensitive and ambitious and loyal and very hot. Her freshly brewed latte delivers all these admiral qualities, but can a woman and a take-out coffee have a real long-lasting relationship?

Sole Mates

USA - 5 min. • Super Short

By Alex Jeffries

Take a shoe’s eye view of the world and find your true “Sole Mate.”

Way Up North

USA - 22 min. Live action - Snowdance selection
Directed by Levi Taylor

Way Up North is a whimsical tall tale about betrayal and revenge set in the last frontier. Local director Levi A. Taylor brings a community of ambitious artists together to experiment with a
unique brand of storytelling. Featuring the musical stylings of Anchorage's own Rebuttals, Way
Up North
will have you tapping your feet to every unspeakable act and leave you grinning
for more.

Director Levi Taylor is scheduled to attend the screening.

Teat Beat of Sex: Episodes 8-11

Italy & USA • 7 min. - Animation

By Signe Baumane

A young girl, Cynthia, experiences her first kiss, first make out session, first jealousy and first sex. It takes years to get to sex. She isn't sure what she is supposed to feel, but is intrigued to continue exploring.

Like Me, Only Better

UK • 5 min. - Super short

By Martin Pickles

A laconic comedy about Neuroses, Catholicism and Prozac.


USA • 2 min.• Animation - In Competition

By Mike Stern

An office worker’s job is made extremely difficult because of his boss’s taste in music.

Cosita Linda (Pretty Little Thing)

Mexico – 20 min. Short

Directed by Fernando Urdapilleta

Date completed 2008


Graphic horror thriller set in Mexico. Film has been banned from screening in it’s home country.

Yellow Sticky Notes

Canada • 6 min. - Animation - In Competition

By Jeff Chiba Stearns

Twenty three hundred drawings on 4x6 inch yellow sticky notes with a black ink pen, Yellow Sticky Notes is a small internal reflection on one’s role as an artist manifests into a discussion about major political and environmental crises.


Australia - 9 min. – Super short

Directed by Nash Edgerton

Date completed 2007


It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.