Anchorage International Film Festival



Kid Friendly Animation

Saturday, December 6 at 4:00 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre ($5)

The Magistical

USA • 90 min

Produced by Out of Our Mind Studios

A beautifully produced animated adventure film for the entire family. In order to protect and preserve all precious life, The Magistical creates a spell which grants immortality to the last remaining of every
type of creature. A powerful and evil Draken sees an opportunity to use the spell to further her ambitions to rule the world. In darkness and shadow, she begins killing all of the other Drakens in hopes of becoming the last, so she can rule as she pleases, without fear of death. Soon there is only one last obstacle to her evil ambitions, a helpless, baby draken cub named Knot. An excellent selection for the entire family.

Sunday, December 14 at 1:00 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre ($5)

Camille Ezzell, the texture artist on "The Magistical" will be attending the screening.

Snowdance Short Films

This compilation of short films from Alaskan film makers covers the gammet from live-action to animation, student films and experimental films. Program is suitable for family attendance with the caveat of some mild thematic elements. Local film makers will be on hand to introduce their films.

Saturday, December 13 at 12:45 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre ($5)

Great Projects: The Building of Alaska

Celebrating Alaska's engineering achievements during the 50th anniversary of statehood. A wonderful educational opportunity for the over 7 crowd.

Sunday, December 7 at 4:00 PM - Bear Tooth Theatre ($5)


Saturday, December 6 - All Day - Loussac Library

Iron Giant

USA 86 min. • Animated Feature

Directed by Brad Bird
A giant metal robot falls to the earth, scaring the townsfolk of a small town in Maine in 1958. After befriending a boy named Hogarth, the unlikely duo ultimately saves the residents from their own fears and prejudices. Based on Ted Hughes' 1968 novel The Iron Man.

10:30 AM

Family Animation Program

An eclectic mix of animation films make up this collection, which is designed for a family audience, including young children. It is a mix of films with entertainment and educational value, most of which incorporate humor. Parents will enjoy the film programs along with their children. Some of the films have subtitles, but are still accessible to younger audiences through imagery and action. 

Come Back Sweet Heart - The filmmaker Chang-Pei Wu states, “My art work is always about the search for an answer in my life. By creating this animation, I’d like to explore the meaning of give and take between the people I love and me.”

Maggie and Mildred  - Maggie and Mildred have been best friends their whole lives. Well, at least one of their lives.

12:30 PM

Little Miss Dewie: A Duckumentary

USA - 29 min - Documentary

By Mira Tweti & Sarro

A funny and insightful story about life with the grandest of ducks, and the animal welfare consciousness living with her entailed, is ready for the world.



2:00 PM

Eating Alaska

Alaska/USA - 56 min

Directed by Ellen Frankenstein - Snowdance selection

Public Broadcasting
A documentary about a vegetarian, who moves to Alaska, marries a fisherman and hunter and begins to wonder what the “right” thing to eat is on “the last frontier.” What ensues are humorous and enlightening adventures in eating as the filmmaker heads to the woods and mountains with women hunters, communes with the Alaska vegetarian society, talks moose meat with a group of Alaska Native kids in a public schools in the Arctic and more, all in search of a meal that makes sense politically,
socially, spiritually and tastefully. This wry look at what’s on your plate explores ideas about eating healthy sustainable food from one’s own backyard, either urban or wild, versus industrially produced food shipped thousands of miles. The 60-minute film is a collaboration of an independent filmmaker with KTOO-TV.

2:30 PM

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening

Student Film Forum

Please join us for a mix of local short film productions from students and young adults. Student
filmmakers from Mediak, and Service High School will be present to introduce the films and
field questions about their films.


4:15 PM