Anchorage International Film Festival


Contemplation and something serious, or perhaps just something worth looking at; this year’s short selections mirror these current themes through the myriad of artistic vision. From Germany to Mexico, Canada to USA, the 2008 Shorts Program is sure to offer you an objectively subtle journey through film that you quite possibly have never seen before.

Miranda Felch & Cody Nipper,

Co-Directors of Short Programming


Sunday, December 7 at 5:15 PM - Fireweed Theatre

Sunday, December 14 at 3:15 PM - Anchorage Museum

I Saved the World From Global Warming

USA – 18 min. - Short

Nolan Wang & Kyle Dickinson

Date completed:  August 2007


Kiefer Donovan saved the world from Global Warming. The only problem one really cared. Now, 10 years later, he's trying to deal with his past while getting fired from his teaching position, facing his scientific nemesis, and confronting his own animated psyche! Can Kiefer come to terms that Global Warming is 'like, so 10 years ago'?

Gone Fishing

UK – 13 min. - Short

Chris Jones

Date completed: January 2008

Financed by 150 film makers, Gone Fishing is a touching short film directed by Guerilla Film Makers Handbook Author Chris Jones. Thirteen minutes of magic that will touch and move you.


Germany – 14 min. - Short  In Competition

Directed by Jochen Alexander Freydank

Date completed: September 2007

Germany 1942: In order to protect her son Marianne Meißner tried to make him believe that the Jewish neighbors are going on a journey to “Toyland”.

Sikumi (On the Ice)

Alaska/USA – 15 min. – Short

Director/writer Andrew Okpeaha MacLean

Date completed: 2008


An Inuit takes his dog team out onto the frozen Arctic Ocean hunting for seals only to inadvertently stumble upon a murder.  This film will only be presented  as a part of this program on Saturday 12/7, the second screening is part of the "Snowdance" shorts on Saturday, 12/13 at 12:45 at the Bear Tooth.

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening.


USA – 17 min. - Short

Directed by Kate Buhrmaster

Date completed: February 2008


When 14-year-old Allie discovers that her hard-earned prom dress savings have been spent on the thoroughbred horses her mother raises, a pregnant horse gets caught up in their confrontation. This film will only be presented on Saturday, 12/14

Joe Mover

USA – 15 min. - Short

Directed by Lev Gorn & Gabe Fazio

Date completed: December 2007

Paul Ben Victor of HBO's hit television series "Entourage" and "The Wire" stars in this working class drama based on a true story.

Sur La Terre Comme Au Ciel (On Earth As It Is In Heaven)

Quebec, Canada – 21 min. - Short

Directed by Herve Demers

Date completed: September 2007


When his loving wife passes away, a retired farmer faces the silent looks of those around him who seem to condemn him to an imminent death.


Saturday, December 6 at 8:45 PM - Anchorage Museum

Tuesday, December 9 at 8:15 PM - Fireweed Theatre

Note: Parents are strongly cautioned, content is not suitable for pre-teenagers

Square Pegs

USA – 20 min. - Short  In Competition

Directed by Ben Hicks

Date completed: May 2007


A teenage girl, her childish mother and her younger sister find themselves in a strange restaurant.

Reality Show

Mexico – 16 min. - Short  In Competition

Directed by Federico Schmucler

Date completed: 2007


Can a TV reality show change the course of your own life?

Mexican Dream

Mexico – 30 min. - short

Directed by David Michan

Date Completed: August 2007


John Doe was seeking the American dream but instead he found his worst nightmare, and the most frightening thing is he isn't dreaming.


USA – 15 min. - Short

Directed by Martin Keegan • 15 min. USA

Date completed: October 2007


A peculiar teenage boy develops an obsession with his tyrannical father’s girlfriend.

Cosita Linda (Pretty Little Thing)

Mexico – 20 min. Short

Directed by Fernando Urdapilleta

Date completed 2008


Graphic horror thriller set in Mexico. Film has been banned from screening in it’s home country.


Sunday, December 7 at 1:00 PM - Fireweed Theatre

Wednesday, December 10 at 7:30 PM - Fireweed Theatre

Parents are strongly cautioned, material is not suitable for pre-teenagers


Canada - 4 min. Short

Directed by Sharon Katz

A woman in profiled by an airport behavior detection device ser aching for "otherness" or threat. This film will only show on Sunday, December 7

Open Your Eyes

USA – 15 min. - Short In Competition

Directed by Susan Cohen

Date completed: May 2008


A journey of self-discovery begins when a woman diagnosed with breast cancer finds herself locked in a bathroom with a stranger during a bridal shower.

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening.


Belgium – 19 min. - short   In Competition

Directed by Jeroen Bogaert

Date completed September 2007

Martha is a passionate dancer. She and her company are at the verge of international success. A coming tour will make her ambitions come true. However, she is 7 weeks pregnant and keeps this delicate matter secret from her colleagues and boyfriend.

Land Gewinnen (Gaining Ground)

Germany – 20 min. - Short  In Competition

Directed by Marc Brummund

Date completed:  June 2007


A young illegal immigrant couple spends their time furtively avoiding the German authorities, until the wellbeing of their young son dictates that they resolve their untenable situation.

125 Jeon seung-chul

South Korea – 21 min. - short

Directed by Jung-Bum Park

Date completed: January 2008


Everything felt awkward to Seung Chul as he stepped out of the Hanawon(a state-run facility for the settlement of North Korean Defectors In South Korea). Living in an empty rented apartment room, he is discriminated because he is a defector - the factory Seung Chul's undertaking detective applied him for a job turned him down. He feels lonely in this alien society, as he spends his day in his room with a wardrobe he found in the streets. He crawls into the wardrobe as the detective comes home drunk, trying to avoid the cold, trying to keep himself company.

Quick Feet, Soft Hands

USA- 25 min. - Short

Directed by Paul Harrill

Date completed: March 2008


Quick Feet, Soft Hands follows a minor-league baseball player and his fiancee as they struggle to pursue the American dream.


Saturday, December 6 at 12 noon - Bear Tooth Theatre

Saturday, December 13 at 8:00 PM - Anchorage Museum

Parents are strongly cautioned, material is not suitable for pre-teenagers

Animated American

USA, 15 min. short  In Competition

Directed by James Baker & Joe Haidar

Date completed: May 2008


A 'toon hating executive has a hare raising experience when he meets an out of work toon rabbit.

The producer, Susan Cohen is scheduled to attend the screening.


UK – 18 min. - Short  In Competition

Directed by Paul Gowers

Date completed: January 2008


A black comedy. One small random act of malice forces an ordinary man off the safe road and on to a dark journey that he'll never forget.

Donut Heaven

USA – 14 min.- Short

Directed by Annetta Marion

Date completed April 2008


A chain-smoking daughter and a food-obsessed mother try to resolve their bad habits (and their relationship) with a simple bet.

One Two Punch

USA – 10 min. - Short

Directed by Timothy Anderson

Date completed: March 2008

Jack has to pick his girlfriend up from the airport. Instead, he is assaulted, drugged, and made to witness a game of smack-ass by two guys in rabbit suits.

The director is scheduled to attend the screening.

Al’s Beef

USA – 35 min. short

Directed by Dennis Hauck

Date Completed January 2008


Bloodied, barefoot, and branded like cattle, a mysterious woman comes to town with an aim to kill the man that done her wrong.

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