Anchorage International Film Festival


This years Super Shorts program “The Deep End” runs deep with emotion and insight into the human condition. From the humorous take on jealousy from Easy on the Eyes to the lighthearted simple joy of Patrick Warren, you are bound to be in discussion as you exit these screenings.

Mike Allison,

Director of Super Short Programming


Sunday, December 7 at 3:15 PM - Anchorage Museum

Saturday, December 13 at 8:45 PM - Fireweed Theatre

Stop & Go

Alaska/USA - 3 min. – Super short

Directed by Brad Swenson

Sure to make you laugh, this film about movie watching is a Hoot from fade up to fade out.


Easy on the Eyes

USA - 6 min. – Super short

Directed by Nick Wenger

Date completed: December 2007

John, a male chauvinist pig, cannot stop gawking at beautiful women. That is, until Beth cuts out his eyes with a spoon, rendering him blind.

Young Death

USA - 5 min. – Super short

Directed by Abra Chouinard

Date completed: June 2008


Josh plans to propose to Tiffany while his best friend secretly films from the bushes but his romantic plan is undone by a mysterious alien creature out for murder.


Italy - 6 min. – Super short

Directed by  Takhito Kuroha. 6 min.

Date completed: October 2007

Every morning, every woman gets up and knows she will have to make her way through the traffic to the clacson music in order to survive; every man gets up and knows he will have to be very very patient in order to survive...

This Life

Australia - 9 min. – Super short

Directed by Sarah Spillane

Date completed: August 2008


Based loosely on the Virginia Tech Massacre, the film illustrates the demise of humanity and the helplessness of society in the face of tragedy.

Patrick Warren

USA- 2 min. – Super short

Directed by Colin Rich

Date completed: March 2008


A magician learns the true nature of his abilities.

The Untethered Citizen

USA - 7 min. – Super short

Directed by Alix Duggins


What do you do when you don't know where home is?

The Tourist

Australia - 7 min. – Super short

Directed by Matthew Jenkin

Date completed: July 2008

Believing the answers to many of life’s questions lay somewhere in the world, a young traveler backpacks his way across the globe. He encounters friendship, love and a confusing washing system in southern France.

Double Talk

Switzerland - 5 min. – Super short

Directed by Julien Ezri

Date completed: January 2007

An interesting seduction scene in a restaurant


USA - 7 min. – Super short

Directed by Damian Hora

Date completed: July 2008


In a blink her love was gone. Now she will do anything to bring him back. True love never dies.

I passi deli' anima (Soul Walking)

Italy- 10 min. – Super short

Directed by Matteo Galante

Date completed: March 2008

The ordinary walk of a man becomes a physical and mental walk through his memories. Memories of his youth and of a tragic event that changed his whole life.

Picture of a Good Woman

Australia - 5 min. – Super short

Directed by Goran Stolevski

Date completed: July 2007

An unorthodox wedding takes place between a pair of mismatched immigrants.


You're Only What I See Sometimes

Ireland - 10 min - Super short

Directed by Donal Foreman

Date completed: June 2008

A girl travels home the morning after a one night stand, reflecting on her experience. A sensual and subjective film about the traces an intimate encounter leaves in our memory. 

The film maker is scheduled to attend the screening.


Switzerland - 10 min.- Super short

Directed by Villi Hermann

Date completed: January 2008


In the near future, young Gaia’s dreams are shattered by the evil people who populate the city. Her grandfather tries to distract her by using her imagination. He creates for her, a fantastic place to hide from reality, a reality in which the oil reserves are almost finished and in which plastic has become a valuable material.


USA - 8 min. – Super short

Directed by Kathi Carey

Date completed: August 2008

When a nondescript violin shows up at an upscale auction it seems wildly out of place. But who decides what something or someone is really worth? The answer may surprise you.



USA - 3 min. - Super short

Directed by Ben Insler

A short parody of the film Cloverfield. Told entirely from a first person perspective it follows a  group of young adults through the streets of New York City as they struggle to survive a monster attack.


Australia - 9 min. – Super short

Directed by Nash Edgerton

Date completed 2007


It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.