Opening Night Gala

Opening Night Gala

Opening Night Film and Gala – Friday, December 4,  7:00 – Bear Tooth

This year AIFF will combine our opening night film presentation and gala party at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub. The event will start with the festival premiere of a Russian musical, “The Hipsters” (Stilyagi in native Russian). This loud, sexy, colorful musical is a tale of the hipster of the atomic age where brightly colored crinolines, silk ties, ruby red lipstick, Ray-Bans, slick pompadours, seam-backed stockings, creepers, and three-inch heels with ankle straps are the uniform of the stilyagi. Critics have compared it to a Russian version of “Grease” and our program director thinks it’s a joyous way to kick off AIFF 2009.bt_aud_aiff08

We are expecting a member of the cast to attend the opening night gala to introduce the film and offer a Q&A following the screening.

After the film and Q&A, the gala will offer Alaskans the chance to welcome and make a personal connection with local and international filmmakers and guests. We’ll introduce our staff, enlighten you about what to expect for the next two weeks and keep the music rolling until midnight.

Admission includes a complementary beverage and costs $25 for both the film and gala. Those with All Films and Events passes also get into this event without an additional charge.

Doors open 6:30 / Film 7:00 / Gala Party 9:30 to midnightgala