Liar (Menteur)

Antoine is an idiot. That’s what his suburban lower middle-class family thinks and for them, education and success are all-powerful magic formulas. Antoine is twenty-five and out of work. Although he diligently studies books on how to turn fear into success, his hopes at finding a better job are dismal. Things get really bad when his younger brother is given a company BMW. Desperate for recognition liar_2from his family, Antoine tries to find a decent position but after one failed interview after another, he starts to lose all sense of reality: he dreams up a fantastic CV, forges a university diploma and gets progressively more entangled in a web of absurd lies. From the curt and simple starting point to the finish, this film gradually whips itself up into a whirlwind by sucking in more and more characters with increasing inner tension and velocity.

Director: Tom Geens
Location: Belgian
Duration: 80 minutes