Son of the Sunshine

In Competition

Immersed in the dingy world of low-income housing and diagnosed at age 11 with Coprolalia Tourette’s Syndrome, Sonny Johnns cries out to a world that has left him by the wayside. With money saved from years of government disability, he undergoes an experimental surgery promising to rid him of his violent outbursts. As his symptoms fade, so too does his strange ability to heal the sick and dying.spn_of_sunshine_2

Director: Ryan Ward
Writers: Ryan Ward, Mathew Heiti
Location: Canada
Duration: 92 minutes


Director Ryan Ward will attend the screening.


Winner of Best Feature Audience Award – Malibu Film Fest 2009
Best Director, Best Actor (Ryan Ward), Best Original Music – Wild Rosecanada_wordmark
Independent Film Fest 2009
Rising Star Award for Best Actor (Ryan Ward) – Edmonton Film Fest 2009
People’s Choice Award – Thunder Bay Film Fest 2009