Zombies of Mass Destruction

In September 2003, the times are a-changin’ for the residents of the small, idyllic island town of Port Gamble, Washington. The fishing boats and tourists have all but gone. And then, of course, zombies_of_mass_2there’s the small matter of a zombie virus outbreak. The residents of Port Gamble—well, those who don’t desire human flesh—must set aside their differences and start smashing the undead if they hope to make it through the night. Set during the most ultra-patriotic, ultra-paranoid era in recent memory, ZMD uses setting to generate as much political and social satire as bloodshed. Showing with Zombie Holocaust and You.

Director: Kevin Hamedani
Writers: Ramon Isao, Kevin Hamedani
Location: U.S.BOSCOSNEWRectangle
Duration: 88 minutes

Website: http://www.zmdthemovie.com/