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c/o Bear Tooth Theatre
1230 West 27th Ave. Anchorage, AK 99503-2319
(907) 276-4255
Board of Directors      
President Rand Thornsley 907-223-3699
Vice-President Tony Sheppard 907-862-4566
Secretary-Treasurer Michele Miller 907-227-6207
AIFF Staff      
Festival Founder Tony Sheppard 907-862-4566
Director of Programming Rand Thornsley 907-276-4255
Finance Michele Miller 907-227-6207
Marketing & PR Roberta Spayd 907-338-3567
General Manager & Sponsorship Dawnell Smith 907-903-9940
Volunteer Coordinator Beth Varner 907-317-2001
Hospitality Coordinator Don Chan 907-602-0791  
Programming Department      
Documentary Programmer Doug Griffin 907-360-1644
Documentary Co-Programmer Laura Baldwin 206-799-5236
Short Film Programmer Miranda Felch 907-360-7066
Short Film Co-Programmer Charles A. Baird 907-903-5646
Super Short Programmer Cody Nipper 907-244-8950
Super Short Co-Programmer Meghan Kim 907-744-3121
Animation Programmer Teresa Scott 907-727-7182
Snowdance Programmer Julie Decker 907-317-6616
Family/Youth Media Facilitator Brandon McElroy 907-868-2623