What To Expect


 This year AIFF is selling T-Shirts and baseball caps with Lance Lekander’s AIFF logo design.  AIFF merchandise is available in limited quantities at the Bear Tooth (located inside the theatre auditorium) and at the Alaska Experience Theatre near the box office during festival operation hours.


 All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges.

Seating is available for all performances on a first-come, first-served basis. Plan to arrive early. No seating will be allowed once the film starts.

Each film will be shown in its original language with English subtitles, unless specifically noted in the program guide.

Please keep in mind that many of the films being shown contain material that is not suitable for younger children. Because these films have not been submitted to the MPAA rating board, it is the parent’s responsibility to research the content before bringing pre-teenagers to any screening. The AIFF programming staff will make every effort to note films that are of an R or NC17 nature in the program guide, but we cannot guarantee any content as acceptable to the viewer’s standards. The AIFF provides a free family program of films rated G or PG.

Film lengths as listed in the program represent the best available information at press time. Length of the film does not include introductions or Q&A sessions following the screening. While we make every effort to follow our published scheduled, things do happen in the course of the festival. Therefore, programs are subject to change without notice and the AIFF will make every effort to communicate this at the venue and as far in advance as possible on the AIFF website.


All audience members must leave the theatre following each screening. Leaving belongs and/or saving seats between shows is not allowed.

Recording a movie off of the screen is prohibited by Federal law; any person caught making a recording of a film will be prosecuted. 

The use of cell phones including the texting function is strictly prohibited once the lights go down and throughout the film presentation.

Many theatres will have lines outside of the building; please dress appropriately for the weather.

Outside food and beverage is not permitted in any of the theatre venues. Please purchase your snacks from the venue concession area.


The AIFF rents venue facilities from different owners. The properties may have house policies that are not consistent from venue to venue. Please be respectful of our hosts who have allowed us to present the festival in their venues.


All films over 70 minutes in length will be balloted for the Audience Choice Awards. This is a very important award to our participating filmmakers as it comes directly from the audience. We request that everyone attending a screening participate in this process.

An AIFF Volunteer will give you a ballot when you enter the theater. Once the film is over, simply make a small tear on the line that corresponds to the rating you feel the film deserves.  On the way out, please make sure you put your ballot in the box outside the auditorium give it to our ballot collection team.

If you would like to be placed on the festival mailing list, write your contact information on the back side of the ballot.