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Pre-Festival Reception and Screening of Nightjohn by Charles Burnett
Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center 625 C Street [Google map]
Thursday, December 2nd, 7:00 pm [Schedule]

Based on a young adult novel by Gary Paulsen, the 1996 release Night John tells the story of Sarny, a 12-year-old slave girl in the ante-bellum South who faces a relatively hopeless life. A former runaway slave arrives with telltale scars on his back, taking Sarny under his wing and, in exchange for a pinch of tobacco, secretly teaching her to read and write – a crime punishable by death. “Words,” he says, “are freedom. Slavery is made of words: laws, deeds and passes.”

AIFF has partnered with the Anchorage Museum in presenting two free screenings by director and screenwriter Charles Burnett, a USA Artist in Residence spending a month in Anchorage with the support of the Rasmuson Foundation. The New York Times once called Burnett “the nation’s least-known great filmmaker and the most gifted black director.” He graduated with a master’s in film studies at UCLA and has won many awards, including the Critics Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 1977 for Killer of Sheep and a MacArthur Fellowship in 1990.

*Free Event* Click here to reserve free tickets to this event. Seats will be held until 10 minutes before the show. Unclaimed seats will be released on a first come, first serve basis to people at the door.

Opening Night Gala and Screening of The Wild Hunt
Bear Tooth Theatrepub Cafe and Grill 1230 W. 27th Ave. [Google map]
Friday, December 3rd, Screening at 7:30 pm / Gala starts at 9:30 pm [Schedule]

The Wild Hunt, directed by Alexandre Franche – 96 min. (Canada)
Erik Magnusson lives at home with his ill father while his older brother Bjorn spends most of his time enacting a medieval fantasy about being a Viking chieftain and possessor of Thor’s mighty hammer. Once a member of the same live-action role-playing community, Erik now ridicules his brother’s near total immersion in his fictional character. But Erik finds himself reimmersed when his estranged girlfriend Evelyn escapes into the same fantasy world and is made a captive of Bjorn’s rival, King Mortagh. Erik’s unwillingness to take the fantasy seriously infuriates other players even as Mortagh prepares to unleash the full fury of the wild hunt on Bjorn and his allies. Here, geek-fueled fantasy transmutes into a tension-filled clash where self-obsession threatens to annihilate any vestige of the real world.

Following the film, mingle with visiting filmmakers at the Opening Night Gala. Make a personal connection with our international guests and welcome them with warmth and enthusiasm. We’ll introduce our behind the scenes staff, enlighten you on what to expect for the next two weeks, and keep the music rolling until midnight.

Tickets are $30 or free entry with ALL FILMS &  EVENTS PASS.

10th AIFF Celebration
Spenard Roadhouse 1049 West Northern Lights Boulevard [Google map]
Saturday, December 4th, 9:30 pm [Schedule]

Mingle with filmmakers and film fans from all over the world as we celebrate our 10th festival with toasts, giveaways, acoustic music, and images from the past. Bite into Sugarspoon cupcakes and half-price appetizers from the Roadhouse, and pair your sweets with the right Midnight Sun beers or other beverages as we dig into the first weekend of our 10th event.

*Free Event* Cash Bar

Canadian Consulate Filmmaker Reception and Mixed Media Screening
Bear Tooth Theatrepub Cafe and Grill 1230 W. 27th Ave. [Google map]
Tuesday, December 7th, 9:45 pm [Schedule]

Join the Canadian Consulate of Anchorage and AIFF as we celebrate our partnership with our neighbors south of the border. Wine and Canadian Cheese tasting followed by a selection of Short Mixed Media presentations.

Attendees from The Wild Hunt screening will be invited to stay for the reception and the shorts, but those wanting to come to just the reception and the shorts may be admitted by an $8 ticket or AIFF pass.

Gay-La Screening and After Party
Gay-La Screening: Bear Tooth Theatrepub Cafe and Grill 1230 W. 27th Ave. [Google map]
After Party: Mad Myrna’s 530 E. 5th Avenue [Google map]
Mad Myrna's
Wednesday, December 8th, Screening at Bear Tooth at 8:15 pm / After Party at Mad Myrna’s starts at 10:00 pm [Schedule]

This year’s gay-la program includes three films, including the Now and Forever; a supershort about an artist, a painting and two hearts that becomes one; a short narrative called Bedfellows, a modern-day spin on a fairy tale genre with two gay characters in the classic boy-meets-girl story set in New York City; and the one-hour documentary Holding Hands about Sydney couple, Craig and Shane, who face a difficult journey to recovery after suffering a brutal hate crime. Join AIFF for the screening and then head to Mad Myrna’s for drinks and food.

Tickets are $8 or free entry with ALL FILMS PASS.

POP11: Exploding Plastic Inevitable Party and Screening
Alaska Dispatch Hangar 2301 Merrill Field Drive [Google map]
Thursday, December 9th, Reception at 9:30 pm / Screening at 10:15 / Party until late [Schedule]

Join the Anchorage International Film Festival and Alaska Dispatch for a party and film screening. Andy Warhol‘s Exploding Plastic Inevitable reflects Warhol’s use of media, film, projection, and the music of the Velvet Underground together with iconic imagery of Warhol’s Factory People Superstars.

Created by photographer and filmmaker Ronald Nameth in close cooperation with the Exploding Plastic Inevitable tour in 1966, this film reflects Warhol’s use of media, film, projection, and the music of the Velvet Underground with the iconic imagery of Warhol’s Factory People Superstars. Come to the party. Bring a cushion to sit on. Be a superstar.

Tickets are $8 or free entry with ALL FILMS & EVENTS PASS. Cash Bar

Golden Oosikar Awards Ceremony
Bear Tooth Theatrepub Cafe and Grill 1230 W. 27th Ave. [Google map]
Sunday, December 12th, Doors open at 7:30 pm / Gala starts at 8:00 pm [Schedule]

Enjoy local music, performance art, and mini-skits as this year’s AIFF winners collect their oosiks. Reception and mingling follows.

Tickets are $10 or free entry with ALL FILMS & EVENTS PASS.