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Reality and Entertainment: Bridging the Real World with Movie Magic with Charles Burnett
Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Saturday, December 4th, 12:30 pm [Schedule]

Real events present a wealth of subject matter for filmmakers, but they also present challenges, such as presenting history and events in an engaging way while remaining true to the material. Charles Burnett will talk about his experience filming in the Republic of Namibia. He graduated with a master’s in film studies at UCLA and has won many awards, including the Critics Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 1977 for Killer of Sheep and a MacArthur Fellowship in 1990. He was awarded a USA Artist fellowship in 2009 and is in Anchorage this month for an artist residency. The New York Times once called Burnett “the nation’s least-known great filmmaker and the most gifted black director.”

Intermediate Camera Operation and Cinematography with Jamin Conn
Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Saturday, December 4th, 3:00 pm [Schedule]

Jamin Conn of Envisioned Studios will extend the skills of participants who already know the basics about camera operation and cinematography. Conn is a professional stock cinematographer who studied TV and media production in Sydney, Australia and now runs an Alaska video production company that shoots everything from weddings to short films.

Cinema of Poverty: Independence and Simplicity in an Age of Abundance and Complexity with Erik Knudsen
Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Sunday, December 5th, 3:00 pm [Schedule]

Erik Knudsen will discuss how financial and aesthetic poverty can liberate a filmmaker and allow creativity to flourish. He will illustrate his talk with clips from a number of his films and allow ample time for discussion.

Knudsen is a professor of Film Practice at the University of Salford in Manchester, United Kingdom, where his is currently the head of the School of Media, Music and Performance. He regularly conducts guest workshops at international film schools. A former musician, singer and songwriter, Knudsen has scripted and directed several films, including The Silent Accomplice, a feature film showing during this year’s AIFF.

Digital Animation Workshop with Dayan Paul
Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Saturday, December 11th, 12:30 pm [Schedule]

Explore the digital animation process from concept to final rendering to post production and all steps in between with director and animator Dayan Paul. Using his short film Courageous Crustaceans as an example, Dayan will reveal the creative process and workflow involved in digital animation.

Courageous Crustaceans is screening before the workshop in the pre-teen family program starting at 10:30 am on December 11th at the Loussac Library. You can attend the screening and see the finished film before it is deconstructed in the workshop.

Quick Freeze Workshop
Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Saturday, December 11th, 3:15 pm [Schedule]

Every year, AIFF holds a film competition that garners raves from rowdy crowds who vote for their favorites with hoots, hollers and clapping. This year, Quick Freeze will include a juried component that will earn the winner an award at the Golden Oosikar Awards. Here’s how it works: AIFF will announce subject matter and prop requirements online and during the screening of the 24 Hour Film Competition on Monday, December 6th. Filmmakers will then have all week to make their masterpieces, which will show on Saturday, December 11th at Out North. (The director for each film will get into the Quick Freeze screening by turning in their entry; only one free admission per film.)

Workshop TBA
Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Sunday, December 12th, 3:00 pm [Schedule]