Volunteer Policies

AIFF Volunteer Vouchers
For every two hours that you volunteer, you will receive a voucher that can be redeemed for a festival general admission movie ticket. You will have to purchase a separate ticket if you wish to attend any special events. Vouchers are transferrable but the sale of vouchers is strictly prohibited.
Receiving Vouchers: All volunteers will be able to get their vouchers from their AIFF Team Manager right after they work their shift.
Redeeming Vouchers: Vouchers can be redeemed at all venue box office locations. Availability of tickets and seating is not guaranteed.
Voucher Expiration: Volunteer Vouchers earned at AIFF 2010 are good for AIFF 2010 and AIFF 2011.

Volunteer Dress Code
Volunteers are required to be clean and neatly dressed. Volunteers must wear their volunteer badge at all times. At some venues, lines of patrons will extend outside the building and volunteers will need to be moving in and out of doors. Please bring extra layers!

Watching films while volunteering
Sometimes it may be possible to see a movie that is playing during your shift. This is NEVER a guarantee and depends on a number of factors, including workload and available seating.

If you fail to let us know you can’t make your shift, you will be considered a no-show. We reserve the right to put your account on hold after two no-shows are registered with the Volunteer Office. Any future shifts you have scheduled will be cancelled and you will not be allowed to sign up for any other shifts until further notice. Please keep this in mind when picking up shifts, and make sure you give us enough time to fill a shift that you have to cancel.