The Festival

Welcome to the 11th annual Anchorage International Film Festival! 2011 proved to be an incredible year for filmmaking in our city. With several high profile productions and many more happening off the radar, filmmaking in Anchor town has quickly risen to become a solid economic base of employment for our local industry professionals, and it has fueled the inspiration for hundreds of future Alaskan filmmakers.

Once again, the AIFF has developed a program that spans the globe in origin, and the spectrum of genre. However, this year we have a first. Our Opening Night Film is an incredible movie that was made in-region and about a people that have a strong connection with the indigenous societies of northern Alaska.

“Inuk” is an excellent juxtaposition of the beauty of the people and landscape combined with the brutality and harshness of tradition and nature. Though filmed in an exotic location and about a culture many people know little of, the story about finding one’s place is something everyone can relate to.”
The film was the catalyst for creating an Open Night theme that centers on our Native Alaskan culture. Along with our feature movie presentation we will also host a short film presentation by the Bristol Bay Native Corporation, “A Day in Our Bay: views and voices from Bristol Bay Alaska”. We welcome and embrace Alaska’s Native legacy and the new influence and contributions our Alaskan Native culture has on the art of independent film.

The AIFF board of directors is tremendously grateful to the filmmakers whose love and support of the AIFF over the years has help made our Festival respected and admired by filmmakers from all corners of the globe. The AIFF is more than just films and events; it is about the spirit of community, the sharing of stories and the subsequent conversations and initiatives they ignite. And we are proud that we have created a legacy of bringing incredible international films and independent filmmakers to Alaska each December.

Lastly, thank you to all of the festival partners, sponsors and of course, all of the fans for setting the stage for another successful Festival. Have fun!

With warm regards, Tony Sheppard,

Director of Film Programming
Founder and President of the Board