Opening Night Gala

Join us for the opening night film and gala party at the Bear Tooth Theatre- Pub. We will start the evening with a screening of the short film “Day in Our Bay: Views & Voices From Bristol Bay Alaska” and honoring indigenous filmmakers of Northern cultures. This celebration will be follwed by the dramatic feature film “Inuk” directed by Mike Magidson. Director Mike Magidson and lead actor Ole-Jorgen Hammeken will attend the screening and the Opening Night Gala. Following the film and Q&A, mingle with visiting filmmakers at the Opening Night Gala. Make a personal connection with our international guests and welcome them with warmth and enthusiasm. We’ll introduce our behind the scenes staff, enlighten you on what to expect for the next ten days, and keep the food and music rolling until midnight.

Opening Night Gala tickets are $25, or $10 for AIFF ALL FILMS pass holders.

About “Inuk”

Created as an original road-movie on the sea-ice, “Inuk” is both an authentic story of Greenland today, a country torn between tradition and modernity, and a universal story about the quest for identity, transmission and rebirth. The film is intensified by the exceptional performance of the non-professional Inuit actors: teenagers from a home for neglected Inuit children and local seal hunters.

In Greenland’s capital, sixteen year old Inuk lives a troubled life with his alcoholic mother and violent step-father. One morning after he is pulled half-frozen from an abandoned car, the social services decide to send Inuk north to a children’s home on a tiny island in the middle of the arctic sea ice. There, Inuk meets Ikuma, a local polar bear hunter, who also has his share of problems.

Aviaaja, the kind-hearted director of the children’s home,asks Ikuma to take Inuk on the annual seal hunting trip. Despite the risks and dangers of the journey, Inuk will learn he has a valiant past and a hopeful future.

Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Mike Magidson
Executive Producer: Sylvia Barbe
Writer/Advisor/Translator: Jean-Michel Huctin
Starring: Gaaba Petersen as “Inuk” and Ole-Jorgen Hammeken as “Ikuma”

“In 11 years of doing programming for AIFF, this is the most excited I’ve been about our opening night film. This film is an excellent juxtaposition of the beauty of the people and landscape combined with the brutality and harshness of tradition and nature. Though filmed in an exotic location and about a culture many people know little about, the story about finding one’s place is something everyone can relate to.” — Tony Sheppard, AIFF Founder

About “Day in Our Bay: Views & Voices from Bristol Bay Alaska”

“Day in Our Bay: Views & Voices from Bristol Bay Alaska” is a collaborative digital storytelling project that contains clips from shareholders throughout the Bristol Bay region who documented a day in their own lives. Using cameras sent by Bristol Bay Native Corporation, shareholders were able to participate in a region-wide shoot on October 16. From as far south as Chignik Lake, west to Togiak, and east to Kokhanok, shareholders of all ages took part in this innovative competition.