Independent Filmmaking 101

Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Saturday, December 3rd, 12:00 pm [Schedule]

Local filmmakers Paul Jones and Bryant Maynard lead an entertaining discussion on grassroots filmmaking. Paul and Bryant have made numerous short films and last year’s feature film The Beekeepers. Topics discussed include scripting, casting, securing locations, scheduling, photography, filming and postproduction.

Audience members are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the film projects they are working on. It will be an excellent opportunity to get insight and assistance from experienced filmmakers. Bring your questions and ideas as Paul and Bryant discuss how to make your filmmaking goals and dreams into a reality. For more info:

Filmmaker Forum

Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Sunday, December 4th, 11:00 am [Schedule]

We invite all visiting filmmakers and locals alike to come and meet the programmers and staff of the AIFF and join us in roundtable style conversation about our event, your projects and how film festivals interact with and help support independent filmmakers.

Just Do It Yourself!*

Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Saturday, December 10th, 11:00 am [Schedule]

Since 2003 Travis Betz has been living his dream by creating and distributing content through the DIY (do it yourself!) movement. – “Everything I have done has been by my rules, therefore satisfying the creative soul within me”. Since then Travis has made four feature films, a number of web series and hundreds of shorts. Sounds intense? Meet Travis. – “When I first moved out to Los Angeles I took a job as a receptionist, answering phones for a small Hollywood company. It didn’t take long for my soul to gain negative weight as I sat at a desk for nine hours a day. Through a creative spark I decided to turn the situation around to my advantage. The weekly series (The Receptionist) introduced the internet to a new story starring me and shot right at my desk. It quickly gained traction and before I knew it I had a small audience. I used this audience to test out other projects including features, shorts and a web series”.

As Travis continued to push himself to create he kept his audiences involved, therefore allowing a fan base to grow and prosper. From those meager beginnings Travis built an amazing and supportive network and several award winning films. Travis will share his experience in building an audience through social media as well as talk about the freedom to create what you want in a world plagued with remakes, prequels and sequels. And talk about the making of his feature film “The Dead Inside“, which happens to screen on Saturday night.

*We have re-named Saturday’s 11 a.m. workshop with indy filmmaker Travis Betz. We’re calling it “Just Do It Yourself!” now, instead of “Shut Up. Make Movies!”  Turns out that “Shut Up.  Make Movies.” is a phrase local filmmaker, film preservationist, and all around arts supporter Bob Curtis-Johnson has used for years in connection with “Bob’sShorts” and his business, SummitDay Media. This name was chosen serendipitously when we were assigning names to this year’s workshops.  AIFF wasn’t trying to suggest that Bob or SummitDay Media are sponsoring or endorsing this workshop, and we sure don’t want to cause any confusion over this.

Storytelling Through Animation, And Doing It On The Cheap

Out North Gallery 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Saturday, December 10th, 1:30 pm [Schedule]

This practical workshop is aimed to demonstrate that anyone with determination, in the digital era, can produce a micro-budget animated film without the expense of film schools and professional equipment. We will cover some of the basic skills and knowledge required to approach the storytelling process of animation from conception to implementation, using programs like Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro, and discuss how to save costs in production while maintaining an industry-quality look.

Richard Cunningham began making amateur films as a teenager He wrote, produced and acted in a Medieval feature length movie. Production of the film involved building a set that spanned nearly an acre of land, and a castle location, and CGI – all costs out of pocket. He wrote and produced two more films before moving to New York City.

Workshop TBA

Alaska Experience Theater – Banquet Room 3800 Debarr Road [Google map]
Saturday, December 10th, 4:00 pm [Schedule]