2012 Award Winners

Golden Oosikars


Best Feature: “Lad: A Yorkshire Story“, directed by Dan Hartley

Runner Up: “Things I Don’t Understand“, directed by David Spaltro

Honorable Mention: “Shouting Secrets“, directed by Korinna Sehringer


Best Documentary: “Roadmap to Apartheid“, directed by Ana Nogueira

Runner Up: “The World Before Her“, directed by Nisha Dahuja

Honorable Mention: “Ping Pong“, directed by Hugh Hartford


Best Short: “Lapse“, directed by Gilles Gueraz

Runner Up: “Calcutta Taxi“, directed by Vikram Dasgupta

Honorable Mention: “Cockatoo“, directed by Matthew Jenkin

Super Shorts

Best Super Short: “Her Next Door“, directed by Sasha Ransome

Runner Up: “Matriarche“, directed by Guillaume Pierret

Honorable Mention: “Polarised“, directed by Steve Fleming


Best Animation: “Paths of Hate“, directed by Damian Nenow

Runner Up: “Light Me Up“, directed by Ryan Walton and Derek Dolechek

Honorable Mention: “Lemons“, directed by Kate Burck



Best Snowdance Documentary: “Rousseau’s Children“, directed by Monika Scharer

Runner Up: “No Horizon Anymore: A Year Long Journey at the Bottom of the World“, directed by Keith Reimink


Best Snowdance Short: “I Met Her in the Coffee Shop“, directed by Erik Hogan

Runner Up: “Scare“, directed by Matt Jardin

Audience Choice


Audience Choice Feature: “Passionflower“, directed by Shelagh Carter

Runner Up: “Shouting Secrets“, directed by Korinna Sehringer


Audience Choice Documentary: “Espacios Inacabados (Unfinished Spaces)“, directed by Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Murray

Runner Up: “Wolves Unleashed“, directed by Andrew Simpson

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