Festival Selections

Film categories include feature narratives, documentaries, short films, super shorts, animation, family and youth media, and Snowdance, a showcase of films by Alaskans or about Alaska. Festival entries are open to all films regardless of origin, content and genre.

Official selections include all films selected to be screened during the festival. The films in competition represent the official selections chosen by our prescreening committee to go through the award jury process. About 20 percent of our official selections are entered into competition.

Official Selections

We enthusiastically announce the 2012 AIFF Official Selections. Our programmers chose the films that represent the best of international and independent cinema. The organizers of the AIFF appreciate every one of you that submitted a film for our consideration. Unfortunately we just didn’t have enough room for all of the excellent submissions that we received this year. Thanks for all of your hard work and your support of the AIFF and passion for the art of independent film.

The full festival schedule, plus trailers and more, can be found on our Festival Genius site.



Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
Aquí y Allá (Here and There) Antonio Mendez Esparza Mexico/Spain 110m
A föld szeretője (The Lover of the Soil) Zsolt Pozsgai Hungary 100m
Between Us Dan Mirvish USA 90m
Confine Tobias Tobbell United Kingdom 90m
Deadfall Stefan Ruzowitzky USA 94m
El Estudiante (The Student) Roberto Girault Facha Mexico 98m
The Falls Jon Garcia USA 90m
Grassroots Stephen Gyllenhaal USA 97m
Il cacciatore di anatre (The Duck Hunter) Egidio Veronesi Italy 90m
Lad: A Yorkshire Story Dan Hartley United Kingdom 96m
Liars, Fires, and Bears Jeremy Cloe USA 101m
Passionflower Shelagh Carter Canada 83m
Redlegs Brandon Harris USA 67m
Servitude Warren Sonoda Canada 85m
Shouting Secrets Korinna Sehringer Switzerland/USA 88m
Things I Don’t Understand David Spaltro USA 111m
Two Hundred Thousand Dirty Timothy L. Anderson USA 89m
The Whisperer in Darkness Sean Branney USA 104m



Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
Breathe Life Jekowsky/Berryhill/Andre USA 17m
Burmese Butterfly Hnin Ei Hlaing Myanmar/Germany 12m
Cry Rock Banchi Hanuse Canada 29m
Cutting Loose McDowall/Pretsell Scotland 29m
Dislecksia: The Movie Harvey Hubbell, V USA 81m
Espacios inacabados (Unfinished Spaces) Nahimas /Murray Cuba/USA 86m
Falgoosh (Blames and Flames) Mohammadreza Farzad Iran 28m
Go Ganges! J.J. Kelley USA/India 83m
I Need A Hero White Hawk Bourne USA 13m
The Mountain Runners Brian Young USA 88m
Mission of Mermaids Susan Cohn Rockefeller USA 15m
Okuyamba (To Help) Mandell/Wargo Uganda 30m
People of a Feather Joel Heath Canada 90m
Ping Pong Hugh Hartford United Kingdom 78m
Reportero (Reporter) Bernardo Ruiz Mexico/USA 77m
Retour à Mandima (Back To Mandima) Robert-Jan Lacombe Congo/Switzerland 40m
River Daniel Janke Canada 8m
Roadmap to Apartheid Ana Nogueira USA 95m
Solar Roadways Michele Ohayon USA 5m
Tempting Fear Mike Douglas Sweden/France/USA 26m
Toni and Rosi Todd Murray United Kingdom 58m
Where Dreams Don’t Fade Martin Murdry Kenya/USA 77m
Wolves Unleashed Andrew Simpson Canada/Russia 89m
The World Before Her Nisha Pahuja India/Canada 89m
Y.E.R.T (Your Environmental Road Trip) Ben Evans USA 113m



Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
The Backwater Gospel Bo Mathorne Denmark 10m
Dead Engine Scott Fiander Canada 2m
Fossil Tears Nahomi Maki Japan 11m
Frankie Rulez!!! San Charoenchai USA 5m
The Game Marcin Janiec Poland 5m
Lemons Kate Burck USA 4m
Light Me Up Walton/Dolechek USA 9m
A Martian Picnic Patrick Neary USA 5m
Much Better Now Griesser/Comarella Austria 6m
The Nebbish Barbara Mones USA 6m
Paths of Hate Damian Nenow Poland 11m
Pound for Pound Justin Pixler USA 3m
Shave It Maldonado/Tereso Argentina 5m
Skit Show Jeff Warren USA 5m
Slow Derek Dan Ojari United Kingdom 8m
Survival of the Fetish Brian Bear USA 4m
Vow Bridget Underwood USA 3m
Wolf Dog Tales Bernadine Santistevan USA 7m



Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
Auditioning Fanny Mia’Kate Russell Australia 15m
Bathing & the Single Girl Christine Elise McCarthy USA 11m
Calcutta Taxi Vikram Dasgupta India/Canada 20m
Cockatoo Matthew Jenkin Australia 11m
Evelyn Dale Nicholls USA 12m
Henley Craig Macneill USA 11m
Hunt Jordan Tannahill Canada 10m
Lapse Gilles Guerraz France 23m
Madly Unto Eternity Pikey Holdredge USA 13m
Mossadegh Roozbeh Dadvand USA 24m
Naagahaan, Zinat… (Suddenly, Zinat…) Navid Azad Iran 21m
That Which Once Was Kimi Takesue USA 20m
The Trial of Ben Barry Shea E. Butler USA 33m
Wolf Call Rob Underhill USA 12m



Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
Alaska Tier 2 Zombie Hunter Carl Weber USA/AK 18m
alaskaLand Chinonya Chukwu USA/AK 75m
Arctic Son Jean Aspen/Tom Irons USA/AK 116m
The Brutalist and the Dove Robert Prince USA/AK 27m
Catching Alaska’s Light Waves Todd Salat USA/AK 10m
Free Headshots Gary Vinant-Tang USA/AK 14m
Galapagos Reflections Greg Chaney USA/GI/AK 8m
GPS Patrick Faherty USA/AK 6m
Greenscreen Kyle Murphy USA/AK 18m
Hot Lead, Cold Type Jonathan Lang USA/AK 12m
I Met Her In A Coffee Shop Erik Hogan USA/AK 10m
Little Red Book Lisle Hebert USA/AK 75m
Logan Traverse Luc Mehl USA/AK 12m
Mothers Against Pornography Channing Whitaker USA/AK 9m
Neverending Twilight Slavik Boyechko USA/AK 4m
No Horizon Anymore Keith Reimink USA/Antarctica/AK 77m
P.n.B.M.O.W.E. Bryant Mainord USA/AK 49m
Rousseau’s Children Monika Scharer Switzerland 52m
Sarah Palin: You Betcha! Nick Broomfield USA/UK/AK 93m
Sailing the North Pole Thierry Robert USA/France/AK 53m
Scare Matt Jardin USA/AK 10m
Skit Show Jeff Warren USA/AK 5m
Traffic Snarls Peter Dunlap-Shohl USA/AK 3m
The Trumpeteer Erin Strickland USA/AK 23m
The Truth Behind Our Vanishing Glaciers Carl Weber USA/AK 6m
Waterfall Beach Kristopher Peck USA/AK 4m
Weather or Not Tracy Burns USA/AK 4m


Super Shorts

Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
Bip Bip (Beep Beep) Philippe Grégoire Canada 5m
The Blue Dame Jean Strong USA 2m
CEO Jennifer Liao Canada 7m
A Day In The Life of Your Cats Jeffrey Williams USA 7m
Deep End Bretten Hannam Canada
Erase / Replace Michel Tintin Deslandes Canada/USA 4m
The Future Venetia Taylor Australia 8m
Gutty Seyed Sajad Moosavi Iran 3m
Happy Voodoo Jenny Goddard USA 8m
Her Next Door Sasha Ransome United Kingdom 9m
Little Kaiju Jonathan & Josh Baker USA 4m
Matriache Guillaume Pierret France 9m
O.V.N.I. (UFO) The Niquet Brothers France 7m
The Pedestrian Jar Evan Morgan Canada 4m
Polarised Steve Fleming Australia 9m
The Runner Parker Ellerman Germany 9m
Split Time Fabrice Bracq France 3m
Tilting At Sky Scrapers Benjamin Pitts USA 8m
Tilting At Windmills Timothy Watkins USA 9m
Watson in LA Javier Bueno USA 4m