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Festival Selections

We are proud to announce the 2016 AIFF Official Selections. Our programmers chose the films that represent the best of international and independent cinema. The organizers of the AIFF appreciate every one of you that submitted a film for our consideration. Thanks for all of your hard work and your support of the AIFF and passion for the art of independent film.

Official selections include all films selected to be screened during the festival. The films in competition represent the official selections chosen by our prescreening committee to go through the award jury process. About 20 percent of our official selections are entered into competition.

  • Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
    The 6th Friend Letia Couston USA 1:25:00
    Bear With Us William J Stribling USA 1:34:42
    Demimonde Attila Szász Hungary 1:28:00
    Donald Cried Kyle Martin USA 1:25:00
    First Girl I Loved Karem Sanga USA 1:26:00
    Half Ticket Samit Kakkad India 1:40:00
    The Happys Tom Gould, John Serpe USA 1:27:17
    Heaven’s Floor Lori Stoll Canada 1:26:00
    Heredity Carlos G Vergara Columbia 1:40:10
    The Holly Kane Experiment Tom Sands UK 1:42:58
    Hunky Dory Michael Curtis Johnson USA 1:28:01
    Money Martin Rosette USA 1:25:00
    No Light and No Land Anywhere Amber Sealey USA 1:30:00
    The Other Kids Chris Brown USA 1:35:00
    Peelers Seve’ Schelenz Canada 1:35:40
    Planet Ottakring Michi Riebl Austria 1:30:00
    Sugar Mountain — Opening Night Film Richard Gray USA 1:46:37
    We’re Still Together Jesse Klein Canada 1:22:00
    We’ve Forgotten More than We Ever Knew Thomas Woodrow USA 1:29:00
    Youth in Oregon Joel David Moore USA 1:40:00

  • Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
    The 100 Years Show Alison Klayman USA 0:28:56
    The Age of Consequences Jared P Scott USA
    Best and Most Beautiful Things Garrett Zevgetis USA
    The Blindside Karan Ananth India 0:03:00
    Cassette Zack Taylor USA
    The Cinema Travelers Shirley Abraham India
    Drokpa Yan Chun Su China
    El Chivo Rod Murphy USA
    Goodbye Darling, I’m Off to Fight Simone Manetti Italy
    Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Carrie Preston USA 1:15:00
    Hello Cuba! Life Along a Neighborhood Street Reuben Aaronson USA,Cuba 0:19:55
    I am Yupik Daniele Anastasion, Nathan Golon USA 0:17:00
    I’ll Wait Here Harry Buerkle Austria 0:08:00
    Jackson Maisie Crow USA
    League of Exotique Dancers Rama Rau Canada
    The Learning Alliance Muhammad Umar Saeed Pakistan 0:08:39
    Meet the Patels Geeta Patel, Ravi Patel USA
    NANA Serena Dykman USA
    Pickle Amy Nicholson USA 0:15:20
    Real Boy Shaleese Haas USA
    SHU-DE! Michael R Faulkner USA
    The Slippers Morgan White USA
    Some Kind of Quest Andrew Wilcox USA 0:11:00
    The Soul of a Tree Mari Walker USA,Cuba 0:16:52
    Starring Austin Pendleton Gene Gallerano USA 0:18:00
    Walk with Me Jesse Nesser USA
    Welcome to the Last Bookstore Chad Howitt USA 0:11:35
    A Woman and Her Car Loic Darses Canada 0:28:22

  • Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
    Black Cat Leonei Savvides Australia 0:15:00
    Boris in the Forest Robert Hackett UK 0:12:00
    Chester Monique Nagra UK 0:15:00
    Curmudgeons Jake DeVito USA 0:17:00  ✓
    Evil’s Evil Cousin Richard Harper USA 0:30:00
    GlaswAsian Tales Lalitha Rajan Scotland 0:40:00
    Gorilla Tibo Pinsard France 0:14:00  ✓
    Il Campione (The Champion ) Boming Jiang Italy 0:12:00  ✓
    Leshy Pavel Soukup Czech Republic 0:23:00
    Like A Butterfly Eitan Pitigliani USA 0:28:00  ✓
    Monsters Steve Desmond USA
    My Mom and the Girl Susie Singer Carter USA 0:20:00  ✓
    No Touching Adam Davis USA 0:13:00
    Payday Szilárd Bernáth Hungary 0:22:00
    The Salt Man Seyed Sajad Moosavi Iran 0:15:00
    Sing for your Supper Mu Sun USA 0:15:00
    This Path Meko Winbush USA 0:17:00
    Thunder Road Jim Cummings USA 0:13:00  ✓
    Virgin Territory Debbie Von Ahrens USA 0:15:00

  • Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
    20 Matches Mark Tapio Kines USA 0:10:00  ✓
    Death$ in a $mall Town Mark Jones USA 0:07:00  ✓
    Fresh Chocolate Bar Elizabeth Elston Australia 0:04:00
    How To Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps Benjamin Berman USA 0:07:00  ✓
    Late Night Drama Patrice Lalibeté Canada 0:08:00
    A Magician Max Blustin UK 0:03:00  ✓
    On Time Xavier Neal-Burgin USA 0:08:00  ✓
    The Procedure Calvin Reeder USA 0:04:00
    A Reasonable Request Andrew Laurich USA 0:09:00  ✓

  • Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition
    Adija Apollonia Thomaier USA 4:08
    Alike Daniel Martínez Lara Spain 8:01
    Arrival  Alex Myung  USA  23:00
    Chess People Yianni Rowlands Australia 3:41
    The D in David Michelle Yi USA 2:06
    Feedback  Ondřej Javora  Czech Republic  6:30
    The Girl Who Spoke Cat Dotty Kultys UK 5:40
    Green Light Seongmin Kim South Korea 15:33
    Heaven kid Derrick, Yung-Te, Wu Taiwan 9:45
    Hum TOm Teller USA 8:30
    Ishalla  Ashkan Rahgozar  Iran  4:01
    The Journey puthima wongdeeprasith USA 2;20
    Just Like It Used to Be Patrick Neary USA 4:52
    The Land Before Time Machines Nick Saucedo USA 6:29
    Los Mariachis  Guy Shahaf, Nina Prange  Germany  1:20
    Murderous Tales  Jan Bubenicek  Czech Republic/ Slovakia  1:20:00
    My Life I don’t Want Nyan Kyal Say  Myanmar 12:00
    No Ordinary People Michael Burton USA 5:30
    Notorious Corn Mallory Grolleau France 1:15
    The Old Man and the Pears Jing Sun USA 5:01
    Panic Attack Eileen O’Meara USA 3:20
    Paper Puppet Parade Paul Atton USA 1:53
    Pearl Peter Osbourne UK 6
    Pest Friends Jennifer Re USA 12:01
    Pug of War Martin Kemble New Zealand 2:30
    Red ario saffarzadegan Iran 1:40
    Sketchesaurus  Jiedi Chen  USA  3:17
    Solo Brendan Kirschbaum USA 5:23
    A Space in Time ALEXANDRE ATHANÉ France 13:58
    Teacup Elif Boyacioglu Turkey 5:30
    Thunderstruck Brent Dawes South Africa 5:00
    Time Chicken Nick Black USA
    Under the Apple Tree  Erik van Schaaik  Netherlands 18:20
    Volcano Marie Cheng USA 4:50
    You bruise You lose  Stanley Palmer  New Zealand  1:34

  • Title Director(s) Runtime Country In Competition
    The Super Salmon Ryan Peterson 0:25:00  USA
    We Eat Fish Daven Hafey 0:26:38  USA
    Walt and Sea Frank Sun 0:06:20  USA
    I am Yupik Daniele Anastasion, Nathan Golon 0:17:00  USA
    Yuuyaraq Lisle Hebert 0:28:00  USA
    People of God Bridget Power 0:16:00  USA
    Alaska’s Mind-Blowing Aurora Todd Salat 0:47:12  USA
    The Interior Jonathan Rattner 0:22:00  USA
    Speaking from the HeART Mary Katzke 0:10:53  USA
    Find Me Kitty Mahoney 0:23:50  USA